Real Estate Strategic Consultancy

Our capabilities enable the consistent evaluation of how to optimize any real estate portfolio.


At our core, we believe that every company deserves more than just a “broker” in the traditional space finding sense of the word. Instead, our clients deserve a complete real estate team offering a full complement of services traditionally reserved for national and global portfolio accounts. We hold ourselves to the highest possible standard when it comes to customer service.

By always putting our clients’ interests first our platform of fully integrated tenant focused services creates the ability to identify real estate solutions that best fit our clients’ needs with no conflict of interest. While the rest of Real Estate Consultants advise the properties in the commercialization of their transactions, our team watches only and exclusively for
the interests of our clients and tenants.

TTS integrated service model provides clients with a multi disciplinary team, all operating within the same ecosystem. This means that each client has a dedicated team of Lease Administrators, Transaction Managers, Lawyers, Accountants, Lease Auditors, and Market Intelligence specialists leveraging each other’s knowledge and skill set all for the common objective of creating and delivering value.


Photo TTS services of real estate strategic consultancy

Representative services of Tenant Representation and Corporate Real Estate Consultancy include:

  • Tenant Representation CRE Consultancy.
  • Locations research.
  • Acquisitions and disposals: in property and rented.
  • Renegotiation and renewal of rental agreements.
  • Rentals restructuration’s.
  • Real Estate strategies.
  • Financial and non financial transactions analysis.
  • “Stay or Go” analysis.

100% commited to the sole interest of our clients. 0% conflict of interest.

The main services we perform at real estate strategic consultancy are:

  • Planning of real estate portfolios.
  • Analysis of business needs.
  • Optimization of spaces and costs.
  • Due diligence of assets in mergers and acquisitions processes.
  • Design and organization of corporate real estate portfolios.
  • Location analysis.
  • Benchmarking of properties.

Representative services of  Strategic Consultancy include: 

  • Real Estate portfolios planning.
  • Business needs analysis.
  • Cost and space optimization.
  • Real Estate due diligence in mergers and acquisitions projects.
  • Organization and design of real estate portfolios.
  • Locations analysis.
  • Sustainability consultancy.
  • Facility Management consultancy.
  • Comparative valuation of costs and spaces.

Focus on tenant centered Real Estate Solutions.

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Eusebio Caballero (Founding Partner and Managing Director)

Gonzalo Checa (Founding Partner and Real Estate Director)