About us

TTS The Tenant Solution was born in 2017 to solve a lack that the Real Estate market had in Spain: the lack of an independent consultant in Tenant Representation, which guarantees zero conflicts of interest between property and corporate user.

But its founding partners have extensive experience in Real Estate Strategic Consultancy. Since 1998 they develop projects for the optimization of real estate costs and corporate tenant spaces. 

TTS is part of Parella group, leader of professional real estate consulting, helping tenants to deploy effective real estate strategies and inspiring work environments.

Why are we the only Consultant to do so?

While the rest of Real Estate Consultants advise the properties in te commercialization of their transactions, our team watches only and exclusively for the interest of our clients and tenants.

We are aware of the needs of our clientes and specialists in optimizating their real estate costs and spaces.

Why can you trust TTS?

  • Because we help you to boost your company, improving your real estate costs and optimizing your spaces, always seeking economic efficiency and the well-being of your employees.
  • Because we combine the freshness and innovation of a start-up, with more than 20 years of experience in the Tenant Representation and Design & Build sectors of our founding partners.
  • Because we are a completely independent consultancy from real estate owners and investors, so we reduce conflicts of interest to zero.
  • Because we are the leading company in Spain and Portugal in Tenant Representation. And partners of EXIS, the world leader in the sector.
  • Because we project, manage and build your corporate headquarters.

In short, TTS The Tenant Solution is the best advisor in your real estate strategy.

About us TTS

Our Purpose

TTS was born to cover a need since there was no real estate consultant specialized in exclusively defending the interests of corporate tenants.

Our Mission

To establish ourselves as the leading company in Corporate Real Estate and Tenant Representation services.

Our Vision

That every one of our clients promotes the growth of their company, optimizing their real estate costs and their spaces, always seeking economic efficiency and the well-being of their employees.

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We’d love to hear from you

If you are interested in reducing your real estate costs and optimizing the surfaces of your businesses, leave us your email or your telephone number and one of our experts will carry out a personalized study and show you success stories similar to yours. You can also request our corporate presentation.