Workplace Consultancy

We create high performing spaces that celebrate our clients, that exhibit fresh ideas while acknowledging local nuances of the company, and environments that are geared to be the best places to work.


Our capabilities enable the consistent evaluation of how to optimize any real estate portfolio based on new ways of working, new uses of technology, and new ideas of how to plan and use workspaces and learning environments across multiple work settings and locations.

Our capabilities include:

  • Business Visioning.
  • User Research.
  • Experience Design.
  • Conceptual Design.
  • Pilot Projects Advising.
  • Change Management.
  • Post Occupancy Evaluation.
  • Guidelines Development.
  • Master Planning.

We use various combinations of these capabilities to drive an integrated and effective workplace planning and utilization approach.

Our approach is:

  • Visionary and Goal Oriented: We don’t just seek to support how organizations work today but how they will be and should be working in the future.
  • Fact based: Objective data on work patterns, work process, staff aspirations, and business priorities inform our recommendations.
  • Holistic: We develop solutions that influence culture, work process, technology, and space in a way that maximizes synergies between them.
  • Iterative and Participative: We evolve ideas through repeated interactions with stakeholders, giving them opportunities to engage, provide input and take ownership of the ultimate solution.
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We believe that the future is largely subject to our creation. Creating and leading change is about imagining a future and inventing, visualizing and designing ways to bring it about.
Implementing a new workplace strategy (for example) is one of the most significant and visible expressions of change an organization can undertake. It can also be one of the most impactful. We believe that an organization’s work environment can be drivers of productivity and can enhance the employee experience. But realizing the full benefits of a thoughtful workplace strategy requires stakeholders to shift attitudes, and ultimately change behaviors In our experience, the success of a workplace strategy depends largely on a change management program that considers the needs and experiences of employees and in particular, managers, in order to inspire new conversations and behaviors.

We engage a user centric approach that puts people at the center of our process. Our tools and research methods move beyond the typical motivations for change to explore how value systems and cultural norms impact user perceptions. Employees often (and unknowingly) commit to change but then engage in behaviors that work against the change itself. By “mapping” behaviors to the emotional and cognitive needs of our audience, we explore what really drives behavior, and design programs that better incentivize and facilitate the adoption of new thinking.

Benefits of Change Management:

  • Increase acceptance and identification.
  • Minimize productivity loss.
  • Utilize your organizational knowledge across all levels to develop a tailored work environment.
  • Empower your people to use the full potential of the new work concept and adapt their ways of working.
  • Leverage the benefits by facilitating a cultural change.
  • Build up ongoing change competence within your organization to ensure a sustainable change and easy onboarding of new employees.

100% commited to the sole interest of our clients. 0% conflict of interest.

The main services we perform at workplace consultancy are:

  • Alternative strategies for designing the workplace.
  • Evaluation of workspaces.
  • Change management.
  • Spatial programming.
  • Occupancy analysis.
  • Healthy office.
  • Sustainability consulting.
  • Facility Management Consulting.

With an improvement of the Work Space we achieve:

  • 90% Employee satisfaction (feeling of well-being, motivation, comfort, enthusiasm…).
  • 80% Cost savings (the change generates an optimization of the space adapting to new needs).
  • 90% Image to the client (including news and updating the design creates a positive impact on clients).
  • 80% Productivity of the teams (creates a new illusion and motivation to advance and improve in the work teams.)

TTS represents the very best of the interdisciplinary thinking.

For more information, you can fill out this form or contact our experts in workplace consultancy:

Eusebio Caballero (Founding Partner and Managing Director)

Julio Iraola (Founding Partner and Technical Director)