Tenant Representation

100% committed to the sole interest of our clients! TTS is the only spanish Consultant without any conflict of interest.

The exclusive representation of users or corporate tenants of real estate is known internationally as tenant representation. It is a type of real estate advice in which the agent focuses solely and exclusively on the needs of his corporate client as a tenant, rather than being tied to the landlord or owner.

One of the strengths of TTS as a leader in Spain in tenant representation is its ability to find a variety of new locations and help our clients compare them. Thus, our clients can not only choose a good location but choose the best one about the others.

Tenant Representation

Our interest is the same as that of our corporate clients. We only have in mind to aggressively respect the interests of our clients in the negotiation process, maintaining the confidentiality and pressuring the property or landlord to efficiently meet the needs of our clients.

In addition to providing you with the knowledge of the sector and our expertise in negotiation, the tenant representation service can save you thousands of euros compared to direct negotiation with the property.

Did you know that the real estate cost is the second most important expense of a company? We help you improve your bottom line.

The main services we perform at tenant representation are:

  • Search for locations.
  • Acquisitions and disposals of property and leasing.
  • Renewal and renegotiation of lease contracts.
  • Restructuring of leases.
  • Real estate strategy.
  • Divestments and real estate investments.
  • Analysis of financial and non-financial operations.
  • «Stay or go» analysis.
  • Adaptation of spaces to specific needs.

To do this, we follow a process in which we prepare a market report, do a comparative study of income and begin searching for assets and negotiating them. Also, we can complete it with a financial report and legal advice.

In the last year, we have advised more than 60 corporate clients, with a result of more than € 10 million in savings generated.

For more information, you can fill out this form or contact our experts in tenant representation:

Gonzalo Checa (Founding Partner and Real Estate Director)

Javier Camacho (Consultant)