Business schools and universities need new locations due to the increasing demand for education.

Mar 6, 2023 | News

The increasing demand makes it increasingly difficult to find the right building to develop educational activities in the main Spanish or Portuguese cities. This new scenario results in both private and public business schools and universities needing to expand their capacity to accommodate more students.

Planning the search for a building dedicated to education.

When it’s time to grow or search for new locations, there are many factors to consider in finding the right location and building to locate new facilities that will allow the education center to expand and increase its capacity to offer education in optimal conditions. Staying aware of all the current regulations and the specific needs that new building owners or tenants will have to assume in the buildings where they will locate their school is not an easy task.

For this reason, it is important to have a deep understanding of the specific needs of the sector, which can be even more demanding in the case of education. In these cases, having good advice and proper planning from real estate professionals from the beginning will be essential and a great help to leave nothing to chance.

What priorities should an education center have when searching for new locations?

Urban and legislative topics:

– Search for land or building use that allows you to develop educational activities according to regulations.

– The buildings that make up the campus must comply with all current regulations regarding safety and accessibility, such as:

  • Having independent entryways
  • Having emergency exits in accordance with legislation
  • Being equipped with universal accessibility
  • Buildings with sustainability criteria

Communication and services:

– The education center should be well-connected through public transportation, metro, train, buses, tram, etc. to make it as easy as possible for students to arrive at the center.

– It should also be taken into account that the area has parking for private transport and encourage transport by bicycle, scooter, etc.

– It should also be considered to have areas of interest for students in the vicinity, such as restaurants, cafes, or similar.

Building optimization:

– The classrooms must be perfectly adapted to have good internet connectivity.

– Proper soundproofing of the classrooms is a basic and very important aspect that is not always taken into account.

– Have open, flexible, and bright spaces where knowledge exchange and socialization can be encouraged.

– All spaces must be able to adapt to the most rigorous current hygiene protocols.

– Hosting resting areas within the campus

Finally, we cannot overlook that the past two years have made us appreciate the quality and comfort of the spaces where we are forced to spend most of our day. Therefore, it is important:

– To have spaces that bring us closer to nature, such as landscaped areas and

– To choose buildings of sustainable construction, with materials and systems with low environmental impact.

Gonzalo Checa (Socio Fundador y Director de Real Estate de TTS)
Gonzalo Checa (Founding Partner and Real Estate Director)

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